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Business Licenses

Regular Business License

Anyone engaging in business within the Woodland city limits must register and obtain a business license, except those specifically exempted per city ordinance. Business licenses are good for the calendar year and are issued within seven days of the application date.

City of Woodland Business License

The business must also be registered with the State of Washington.  Apply for a state license here.

Fees will apply, except for those specific exemptions and shall be paid at the time of application to the City of Woodland, Clerk-Treasurer office.

Exemption from fees are those businesses located OUTSIDE the city limits and having annual gross product, sales, or gross income of $2,000 or less (WMC 5.04.022 (15)), but not including Peddler’s licenses or other regulatory licenses or activities that require a specialized permit.

The City of Woodland requires all contractors doing business $10,000> with the city to enroll in E-Verify. Please refer to the link below for information on the requirements.

Contact the Community Development department at (360) 225-7299 for information on zoning restrictions and building codes.

E-Verify Requirements for Contractors

Peddler's License

Persons or companies soliciting door-to-door must obtain a Peddler's License covered by Woodland Municipal Code 5.16. This chapter shall not apply to vendors of newspapers, cooperative organizations and benevolent and nonprofit societies, associations, or organizations, or to persons selling or calling at retail establishments. A Peddler's License application can be downloaded in the Document Center.

Home Occupations

The City allows residents to use their homes for small-scale business endeavors. The purpose of allowing home occupations is to support small businesses and provide more economic opportunity to residents.

However, there are limitations to the business activities allowed on residential properties. These limitations are meant to protect neighborhood character, minimize traffic congestion, and reduce disruption to neighbors’ properties.

All home occupations must meet the criteria of Woodland Municipal Code (WMC):
WMC 17.16.100 (E). Applies to home occupations in low-density residential neighborhoods.
WMC 17.20.100 (C): Applies to home occupations in medium and high-density neighborhoods.
WMC 17.52.060: Signage regulations.

Additionally, we recommend you reach out to your neighbors to let them know about your new business, what to expect, and how to contact you to resolve concerns.

Contact the Community Development Department with questions regarding zoning code: (360) 225-7299.

Fireworks Permits

Fireworks permits are reviewed and approved by the Chief of the Fire Department. Applications shall be per Woodland Municipal Code 14.28 and submitted online to CCFR at Previous year Woodland nonprofit permit holders will receive preference during the first application period and preference will first be given to those applicants that have Woodland physical addresses and are also a Woodland nonprofit organization recognized under IRS rules with the applications shall be assigned priority according to the time of receipt by the Fire department, with the application first received having the highest priority.

The first application period for the upcoming fireworks sales period will begin on January 2nd of each year for that year's fireworks sales. A second application period will be opened if any permits are available and it will be open from February 1st to February 28th. The clerk-treasurer will hold a drawing by lottery on or after March 1st for any new permit holder(s) in the second application period.

To be deemed a complete application, all applications must be submitted with the following:

  1. A completed and signed CCFR fireworks permit application submitted online;
  2. A completed and signed state of Washington permit;
  3. Certificate of insurance as required by the clerk-treasurer; and
  4. Fees as designated by resolution of the city council per CCFR Fee Schedule.




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Payroll/Business Licenses
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