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2011 City Ordinances

Ordinance #Description
1206PURD Standards
1207Downtown Design Standards
12084Q 2010 Budget Amendments
1209Interfund loan 301 to 316 - Additional (Ord 1189)
1210Transportation Benefit District (continued to Jan 12)
1211Finance Policies (City Attorney to sign)
1212Zoning Code Text Change - Truck Parking
1213Cardroom Zoning Extension
1214Home Occupation
1215Amending WMC 5.04.090 Business License - Expanding Legal Compliance
1216PSST for Nov. 8 Election and Bond Counsel
1217Amending WMC 3.04 Gambling Tax for Commerical Card Rooms
12182011 Budget Amendment
1219 An Ordinance Amending Section 17.81.020 to Define Major and Minor Variances
1221 An Ordinance Amending WMC 3.05 to Increase the Total Petty Cash
1222 An Ordinance Adopting a Moratorium on the Establishment of Collective Gardens & Definitions
1223 An Ordinance Setting Ad Valorem Taxes on Property for the Year 2012
1224 An Ordinance Relating to Finance and the City Budget and Establishing Fund 404
1225 An Ordinance Imposing the Additional Local Sales and Use Tax to be used for Criminal Justice & Fire Prevention
1226 An Ordinance Amending the 2011 Budget
1227 An Ordinance Adopting the Budget of the City for the Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2012

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