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2009 City Resolutions

Resolution #Description
564Fees (updating Res 502)
565Surplus (See Res 573)
566Business License Fee Increase
567To Rescind Res 463 - HSL Pool in Park w/WCSPC
568Adopting updated Cowlitz County Comprehensive Emerg Mgmt Plan
569Declaration of emergency (if needed)
570Water Rates (amending Res 530)
571Sewer Rates (amending Res 428, 462 - repealed, 475 - keeps rates in 428, section B in effect)
572Recognizing Colf Foundation for contribution to Downtown Wdld Revitalization for mascot sculpture
574Woodland Transportation Strategic Plan
575Abandon form of Government; authorize election for City Manager
576Phasing of Preliminary Subdivisions
577Amend Res 564 Section 4 Animal Control Dog License periods
5782010-2015 STIP
579To Censure Mayor Blum
5802010 Increase for 2010 Property Tax Levy
581Recognition of Woodland Mobile Meals Program
582PIC Right of Way Vacation/Public Hearing Date
583Scope of Work and Public Participation Process

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