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2011 City Resolutions

Resolution #Description
596Ad Hoc Committee for Citizen Complaints
597Solid Waste Management and Moderate Risk Plan - recorded 3/21/11
598Supporting Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) for Columbia River Crossing
599Annexation Resolutions - CRC/Hamilton Materials to sent to Cowlitz BRB
600To support "NO" on Initiative 1100 & 1105 Liquor Excise
601Amending Res 548 to account for changes caused by City Parkland Acquisition
602Adding Project to Capital Facilities Plan - Amending # 522 (water line Davidson Alley)
6032012-2017 Six- Year Transportation Plan
604Observing Sept 11th Anniversary
605 Increases property tax
606 Recoginizing Volunteers to the Woodland Community
607 Resolution to allocate PSST to Drug Task Force & Children's Advocacy

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