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Code Enforcement

The City employs staff who are responsible for the investigation of potential violations and the enforcement of municipal codes, ordinances, and regulations. Code enforcement work is performed by the Community Development Department located at 230 Davidson Avenue, Woodland, WA 98683.

Our goal is to eliminate nuisances for both residential and commercial properties.

Your name, address, and phone number are essential to a successful investigation. However, anonymous complaints may be investigated if reported in detail. You be may contacted for additional information and to inform you of the disposition of the case.

Typical complaints include:

Construction Codes:
Permits for building, plumbing, and/or mechanical work; clearing and grading.  Abandoned and dangerous buildings.  Housing code violations.

Illegal fence height and placement.

Duplexes/Boarding Houses:
Single-family residences used as illegal duplexes or for independent room rentals.

Junk Vehicles:
Vehicles on private property that are at least three years old and extensively damaged, without a valid registration plate appears to be inoperable, i.e., flat tire, extensive damage, missing major parts. Has a fair market value equal only to the value of the scrap in it.

Home Businesses:
Businesses conducted in a residence may require a Home Occupation permit

Land Use Violations:
Violations of zoning and development regulations.

Litter on Private property:
Dumpsters overflowing with garbage; illegal dumping of garbage; litter strewn; illegal placement of signs and flyers.

Accumulations of trash, appliances, debris, and junk on private property.

Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Trailers:
Violations of parking, storage restrictions, and violation of occupied recreational vehicle used as a dwelling.

All signs must be approved by the City Building Official and the Public Works Director.  Temporary signs are permitted only in special circumstances for a limited period of time.  Sandwich board signs (A-board) are permitted in certain zoning classifications with application of projection and location standards.

Weed Abatement:
Trees and shrubs obstructing sidewalks or streets.  Vegetation which has grown or died upon any property and is a fire hazard to public health, safety and welfare.

Enforcement process

Most complaints are resolved through cooperative efforts, and the city has historically resolved over 95% of complaints without having to take enforcement action. However, if necessary, enforcement actions can result in revoked permits, financial penalties, violation abatement, and property liens. (Less than 1% of all complaints result in penalties and liens.)

The enforcement process involves multiple steps for staff to communicate with property owners and to find solutions for potential problems. Most complaints will trigger staff to send a postcard informing property owners about a potential issue and asking owners to address the concern or to contact staff to discuss the complaint.

If you receive a postcard, you are encouraged to review the complaint. If you find the complaint to be valid, please take the opportunity to fix the problem on your own if possible. In those cases, you should contact our staff so that we can document that the complaint has been resolved or discuss a timeline for resolving the problem. If you feel the postcard was sent in error, you are encouraged to contact our staff to discuss the situation.

Contact (360) 225-7299 if you have specific questions about a complaint.