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Wastewater treatment plant - wwtp

The Public works field crew performs inspections and cleaning of sewer main lines, manholes, end line flushing and general operation and maintenance of the sewer pump stations.

Woodland’s sewer infrastructure includes approximately 121,000 ft mainline gravity sewer, 75,000 side sewers, 14,000 feet of force main and 14 wastewater lift stations. The City's collection system transports the flow to the Woodland Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) located at Sandalwood Road.

The Waste Water Treatment Facility operates 365 days a year. All lab analysis is done at the treatment plant. The plant produces 164 dry tons of biosolids per year.

Inquiries about the City’s treatment of waste water inquiries should be directed to the Public Works Department at (360) 225-7999.

1999 General  Sewer Plan

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Table of Contents

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Section IV-1

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Section IV-4

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Section IV-8

Section IV-9

Section IV-10

Section IV-11

Section IV-12

Section V

Section VI-1

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Section VI-4

Section VI-5

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Section VI-7

Section VII-1

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Section VII-4

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Section VIII-1

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Section X

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Appendix I

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Appendix K-3