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Water treatment plant - wtp

About the City's Water Treatment Plant

Woodland's Water Treatment Plant (WTP) operates the water supply system that delivers high quality drinking water to more than 5000 people in the City of Woodland. The city’s water is collected by way of a series of pipes horizontally placed under the Lewis River. The water is then pumped and delivered to the WTP, which is located adjacent to the City’s water reservoirs, at the top of Scott Hill Road. All chemical treatment is done at the treatment plant which includes chlorination for disinfection.

The Water Treatment Facility operates 365 days a year. The plant is designed to produce 3,000,000 gallons per day.

The City of Woodland supports the consumer’s right to know the results of our water quality monitoring and encourage public participation in decisions which affect your drinking water.  We report to the Department of Health (DOH) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The City of Woodland’s drinking water meets or exceeds the DOH and EPA water quality requirements and complies with state and federal requirements.  In addition,  you can check out any of our sampling results by visiting this Department of Health link.

The source of Woodland’s water supply is the aquifer beneath the North Fork of the Lewis River. The water collection is called a Ranney Collection well. The Lewis River watershed is fed by glacier melt from Mt. Adams and smaller tributaries such as Cedar Creek. The Lewis River is one of the cleanest and most pristine rivers in the region; however, the source is naturally high in iron.

The City of Woodland Water Filtration Plant began operation in late May of 1999. The filtration plant uses chlorine for the disinfection and the oxidation of iron.  Soda ash is also used for corrosion control ( to reduce lead and copper solubility) and to increase the PH. In addition to iron removal, the treatment process also reduces turbidity, color and disinfection using chlorine to remove harmful pathogens and viruses.  In addition, we monitor for other contaminants which may include: pesticides, herbicides, radioactive contaminants, organic and inorganic contaminants and disinfection by products.

We send out an annual Water Quality Report to the citizens of our community and the DOH, who forwards to the EPA.  Our water is monitored and tested daily by certified water treatment personnel and also regularly tested through certified laboratories. DOH and EPA regulators routinely monitor our compliance and testing procedures to   assure safe delivery of water to our community. Water testing results are posted monthly on our website and you may obtain a copy at City Hall located at 230 Davidson Avenue.

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