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Council Committees

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Human Resources / Government
Member Susan Humbyrd*
Member Karl Chapman
Member Jennifer Heffernan

The charge of this committee is to review the current employee Personnel Policy, Hiring Policy, and salary step plans of the City of Woodland employees. This committee shall meet monthly with the Clerk-Treasurer to discuss these issues and report their findings at Woodland City Council meetings and make any recommendations in regards to new or amended ordinances concerning this area. In addition to the above at least one of the members of this committee shall be present at all collective bargaining sessions for the employees of the City.

Finance & General Government
Member Fredricks
Member Heffernan
Member vacant

The charge of this committee is to review and to make a recommendation for approval to the Council of the City's vouchers each and every month of the fiscal year. Also to bring back to the City Council any that may be questionable, for further review. In addition, to assist in the review of the budgeting process based on the revenue projections over the past five to ten (5-10) years in order to better estimate the city’s revenue and therefore be better enabled to project expenditures. To also work with the Clerk-Treasurer on making the budget process more user friendly during the budget season.

Public Safety
Member Marilee McCall*
Member Benjamin Fredricks
Member Jennifer Heffernan

The charge of this committee will be to work with the Civil Service Commission on matters connected to the Woodland Police Department members and to the paid members of the Woodland Fire Department. They will also work with the Police Chief and the Fire Chief on matters connected with safety, protection, and emergency management for the citizens of Woodland, and bring these suggestions to the City Council for their consideration. In addition, review of the Woodland Fire, Rescue, and EMS Rules and Regulations that were last reviewed in 2003 and bring any recommendations to the City Council for consideration.

Public Utilities
Member vacant
Member Matt Jacobs
Member Marshall Allen

The charge of this committee is very broad with regards to the city’s infrastructure, water treatment, wastewater treatment, streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and street lighting. Another area is the city facilities which includes building and maintenance issues that would need to be addressed by the Council. Also, land use issues, such as comprehensive land use planning, storm water run-off planning, critical areas planning, and environmental and zoning issues. A future task of the Committee & Public Works Director is to look into the possibility of creating a fifth department for the City of Woodland, consisting of Building, Planning, and Engineering and make a recommendation to the Council.

The overall charge of the Public Works Committee is to assess the needs of the city’s infrastructure, facilities, and land use elements and to bring to the Woodland City Council recommendations for any new or the updating of current ordinances. In addition to the above responsibilities one of the members of this committee, to be determined by the Chairman, is to be assigned to work with the Horseshoe Lake Management Committee covered under Title 2 WMC, Chapter 2.80, as a non-voting member, and to report their findings and requests at council meetings.