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Mission / Goals and Priorities

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2013-2014 City Council Goals

Below are the city council goals as determined by the city council at the April 15, 2013 City Council Meeting. Goals are not prioritized. Goal details can be viewed by clicking on each subject heading.


  • Complete police department building
  • Explore long term solutions for city space needs - develop capital facilities plan
  • Improve quality of Horseshoe Lake Park.
  • Expand parks funding and maintenance

Public Safety

  • Fire Department
    • Continue Regional Fire Authority Planning
    • Continue to Explore Improvements to Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
    • Equipment replacement schedule**
  • Police Department
    • Maintain adequate staffing
    • Explore other funding options for equipment, training & personnel
    • Improve image & public education
    • Equipment replacement schedule**
    • Assess costs of running police department***
  • Public Safety Risk Reduction & Education
    • Explore ways to reduce risk to the community through public education and risk analysis through code enforcement, hazard planning, inspections and related activities. (This goal will be topic of a council workshop)

Provide Efficient City Services

  • Develop equipment replacement schedule/plan**
  • Assess all city departments***
    • What services are needed?
    • Process review & streamlining
    • Goal of reducing expenses
    • Explore use of contractor to assist in assessment
  • Explore consolidation and/or outsourcing services
  • Employee training for improvement and excellence
  • Create position of City Administrator by 2015
  • Annually complete comprehensive analysis of city revenues & fees
  • Complete water-sewer rate analysis
  • Increase communications with citizens (i.e. neighborhood meetings, mass email, website)
  • Start continuity of operations & long term emergency planning

Provide Adequate City Infrastructure

  • Transportation
    • Complete half of the Scott Ave crossing NEPA study
    • Increase safety improvements to SR#503
    • Study impacts of Scott Hill Park on area transportation
    • Collaborate with Woodland School District to reduce school bus congestion issues
    • Institute pavement management program
    • Explore alternative transportation funding sources
    • Study sidewalk needs, locations & funding
  • Water/Sewer/Other
    • Complete west side water and sewer repairs & improvements
    • Complete Capital Facilities Plan*

Planning & Economic Development

  • Start work on Comprehensive Plan Update
  • Explore innovative ways to promote west of town and Horseshoe Lake
  • Work with Chamber, Port, EDC, WCCC, to promote jobs in our community
  • Explore city code & standards to support economic development
  • Explore historical preservation program

Citywide Survey of Community

  • Develop online citywide survey in 2013 and community forums
  • Work together with WEDG to collect community information

*/**/*** indicate related goals